Driving Strategic Change

“If 70% of all change project fail… 70% of those fail due to lack of workforce alignment”

A well-developed business case for change is NOT sufficient to ensure success – it requires an investment in the workforce.  We can help you integrate the “science” of change management practices with the “art” of facilitating workforce alignment/support for your critical projects.

drive-strategic-change-2Supporting Services delivered:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation – support for planning and executing strategic planning sessions
  • Organizational Culture Assessment – data collection/analysis to measure impact of change
  • Transformational Change Consulting – assisting in the development of an successful change plan
    • Change Vision and Strategy – outlining the road map for the desired change
    • Case for Change – articulating the urgency, intellectual and emotional basis for change
    • Building Support – facilitating the sponsor and supporting coalition
    • Communication Plan – branding and messaging to support needs of stakeholder groups
    • Short-term wins – documentation and communicating success; addressing failure
    • Change Agent Preparation – impacting influence leaders – then others
    • Anchoring the change – supporting systems and consequences to support the desired change
  • Work and Process (Re)Design*  – facilitating workflow and job redesign; socio-tech change
  • Organizational (Re)Design – facilitating the process for organizational restructuring, delayering
  • *Automation Support – providing experience in implementing new automated tools (ERP, etc.)


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