talent-management-strategy-jim-ice.-jpgPreparing Effective Leaders

“The most predictive variable of a company’s ability to meet its stated objectives is the quality of its leaders.”  

The ability of a company to attract, grow and retain quality leaders directly impacts employee engagement, work place productivity, customer satisfaction and profit.  We can help you prepare your leaders at all levels (current and future) to effectively fulfill their critical accountabilities.

preparing-effective-leaders-jim-iceSupporting Services delivered:

  • Leadership Capability Enhancement – evaluation of current and required leadership ability
    • Leadership Needs Analysis/Strategy – definition of leadership requirements to drive strategy
    • Succession Planning – creating a robust leaderships pipeline and talent plan
    • Individual Leader Assessment – data collection (360, Hogan, style) to support development
    • Group Assessment – process consulting to leadership teams for improved performance
    • Targeted development planning – creation and coordination of targeted development plans
  • Executive Coaching – personal development coaching – with structured process
  • Team Building – working with groups to accomplish defined relationship and task outcomes
  • Leadership Program Development – customized leadership program development/delivery
    • Instructional Design – program design (objectives, media)
    • Instructional Media Design – multi-media program design (script, production, presentation)
  • Leadership Instructional Delivery – select leadership topic/program delivery (contact for topics)
  • Meeting/Retreat Planning – coordinating the definition and execution of key retreats/meetings


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