Corporations spend billions of dollars annually on training and development… but struggle to measure and maximize their return on this investment – in their people (what I call ROI-p).   This is part one of a 5-part blog series on ways to dramatically improve the ROI of employee development that do not cost a cent.

1.     Make learning (& its application) part of your daily conversations

Somewhere along the way – perhaps rooted in our educational systems – we developed the belief that learning is an “event”…something to be scheduled, separate from “real life”.  WRONG – real life IS learning.  We are each a sophisticated learning machine.  We are constantly gathering and synthesizing data, testing hypothesizes, learning how to adjust our thinking and behavior to reach the desired outcomes.  Learning is so ingrained in our daily lives that sometimes we need to bring it to the surface and remind ourselves that learning is real-life exploration and application, not an event.  Ask these three questions in your daily conversations to build learning orientation:

  1. What are you learning…. in your daily activities? in that new project? about your work team?  about the customer? about the work process? about the boss? about yourself? etc.
  2. How can you apply what you have learned in other situations?
  3. What do you need to learn next to continue to advance your thinking/capability?

For other ideas on improving your ROI-p contact:  jim ice & associates 

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