This is part two of a 5-part blog series on ways to dramatically improve the ROI of employee development that do not cost a cent.

2. Invest 2-minutes to set expectations for learning and development

It is just common sense – if you tell me ahead of time what I should be looking for in the upcoming situation I am more likely to find it.  In other words, if I had the test ahead of time, I would be sure to study the right material.  In a similar way, as a leader, you can help an employee (or yourself) achieve the desired development benefits from each learning opportunity by simply telling them what you expect them to learn BEFORE their experience.  This focuses their attention on looking for this information and its application.  This works for all kinds of learning experiences – training classes; the first days on new job; a project assignment or passing around an article.  It seems so obvious and it only takes a minute – but it is rarely done, leaving the employee to sort out the important applications from all the background information.  You can reinforce and embed the learning AFTER the event by investing another minute to ask them simply what they learned.  You can use the same questions outlined in #1 above.  This one technique will enhance the ROI of learning opportunities ten-fold.

For other ideas on improving your ROI-p contact:  jim ice & associates 

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