This is part three of a 5-part blog series on ways to dramatically improve the ROI of employee development that do not cost a cent.

  1. Focus on developing strengths

It may seem counterintuitive and is definitely NOT the traditional approach to development planning – but invest in developing the strengths of others.  Now there are some ‘weakness’ or skill gaps that must be addressed through targeted development, but it has been proven over and over, that we have the potential, interest and passion to grow our strengths far beyond our weaknesses.  If you have limited funds to invest in development, invest in growing strengths – it brings a greater return.  We each have natural talents and capabilities that make us different from others, invest in that diversity. Successful organizations assemble talent breadth – not talent clones.  Not sure what their strengths are…  ask their co-workers, they know.

For other ideas on improving your ROI-p contact:  jim ice & associates 

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