5 Development Strategies JIAThis is part four of a 5-part blog series on ways to dramatically improve the ROI of employee development that do not cost a cent.

4. Leverage different development methods

It is revealing to review the development plans associated with the annual performance appraisal process within most organizations.  If there are defined action plans – 95% seem to recommend participation in a training class.  Several years ago the research of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) demonstrated that there are many ways adults learn.  They explained that while training is effective to meet some learning needs (e.g. building basic knowledge, detailed tasks/workflows) it is not the optimum method to address all learning needs (e.g. concept application, behavior change, general management).  They identified five different methods to develop/enhance capabilities within individuals.  The important applications for this discussion are two-fold:

  1. Consider the different development strategies as you define ways to address the specific learning need/objective you are trying to impact; and,
  2. Understand that a combination of methods is ALWAYS more effective to build/enhance a capability than one method alone. These strategies compliment/enhance each other and the overall ROI.

For other ideas on improving your ROI-p contact:  jim ice & associates 

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